Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School 2012

Carson's first day of 1st Grade!  He was so excited.  Here's him in his uniform in front of the house before we left for school.
Running from the car to the school.
 And here's Natalie and Parker waiting for him at the bus stop after school.
Here's the picture I got of Carson's approaching bus...only it forgot to stop and let him off!  By the time I was able to call the school and have them call the bus driver, the bus was 10 minutes down the road and had to turn around and bring Carson back!
 This is Carson getting off the bus on one of his first days of school.  I was to frazzled to remember pictures when he finally arrived on the first day, so we had to get this pic another day.
School is going great for Carson!  He's a smart kid and enjoys going and learning.  So far it's been a great year.

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