Sunday, September 21, 2008

Choir Successes!

Well, I can finally report with confidence that the choir is well underway. I have 14 singers, and they are learning the music faster than I had anticipated (which is good since I picked more than I meant to). We rehearse weekly, and there will be a concert in December. For now life has slowed down for me a little. I am no longer stressed about getting more children signed up for choir, or where we'll hold rehearsal. Now I am more concerned with lesson plans. That's a piece of cake after everything else. Of course, the next round of stresses is just around the corner, with scheduling the concert, school tour, and ordering t-shirts. But who am I kidding? I love it! It is wonderful to stand in front of those kids and see them really enjoying themselves. Not to mention it allows me to use my talents, and be something more than just another mother every once in a while. I have been blessed with this opportunity, and I hope that it continues to go well the rest of this year. Thanks to everyone for all of their support and help in various ways. A special thank you to Mike. What a guy! He's been so helpful and supportive through all of this, which is wonderful as his approval means the most to me. And of course, a huge thanks to the other Michelle. Now more than ever I appreciate all you did to get this choir going. Wish me luck! It's going to be a great semester, I can tell!

Day to Day Pictures

Mike and the kids on the rocking horse he made in high school

Carson and Nattie ready for church

Natalie so cute in her little dress and ponytails

Carson in his new Sunday shoes

Natalie loves spaghetti-her face had an orange glow all night

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Boating Pictures

Here's Mike slalom skiing. He got up his first try, even though he's only done it once since high school. It was fun to watch him, and he made everything look so easy!
Mike showing off. He kept letting go with one hand and leaning over to touch the water with his free hand.

Our little family in Grandpa and Grandma's boat (The kids didn't like wearing life jackets.)

Mike and the kids by the shore. It's the only time Carson would get into the tube.

Dan on the tube. Mike was driving, so it was a wild ride for Dan.

I tried to kneeboard, but I never got on. We think maybe we were going too fast.

Mike on the kneeboard-he made it look so easy!

Mike spinning around on the kneeboard

Catching my first fish ever-though I can't honestly take credit for this fish either.

Carson and his fish
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for sharing their boat. We had a blast!