Friday, October 26, 2012

Mid October Fun

We've had lots of visitors in the last month, but of course I didn't remember to get out the camera for most of them.  Grandma L came for her bi-annual visit over her birthday, so I managed to get a couple of pictures when she came.  Here's everybody helping her blow out the candles.
 And here are the kids playing with moon sand the grandma helped them make.

 We woke up to snow yesterday morning, so the kids begged to go outside as soon as they were dressed.  Here's Natalie and Parker:

 The extra munchkin in this picture is our neighbor Brooke.

 After school the kids went out again with Carson, and he made his very own snowman.

 Last night, we decorated Halloween cookies!
 Concentrating so hard.

And coming soon should be pumpkin carving and Halloween costume pictures!

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