Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End of Summer

Here are some pictures of our end of summer fun.  These first ones are us camping near Mesa Falls.  Beautiful area, and we had a blast.  We took our bikes and went mountain biking.  It was tons of fun.  Here's the kids ready for bed.
 Mike telling bedtime camping stories.
 Parker riding his version of a bike:
 Around the campfire.
 The whole family
 Playing in the stream, which was ice cold.
 At Mesa Falls

Our friends and neighbors have a couple of horses.  One evening they called to tell us they had one of their horses in their backyard and invited the kids to come ride her.  They were so excited!  Everybody did great!

 Parker got right up there, grabbed the reigns, and said, "Go!"  No fear!

We went hiking with Mike to scout out good hunting spots.  Carson was awesome and walked the whole way without complaining.  Parker is young, so if we wanted to walk at a moderate pace, he had to be carried.  And Natalie...well I think she started telling me she was tired about two minutes into the hike.  Still, she walked most of the way!

Lastly, here's the wedding cake I did for the state fair here.
 It was supposed to be inspired by a piece of fabric, so this picture has the fabric I used next to the cake.

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