Thursday, July 31, 2008

Belated 4th of July Pictures

So much for my plan to blog more often. I am not sure how everyone else does it. I'm still so busy. So here are a few late pictures of us on the Fourth of July.

Grandpa Gibbs after Roscoe attacked him on the grass

Natalie with red ribbon in her hair

Now Mike & I are equal as far as sleeping pictures go!

Grandma Gibbs blowing out her birthday candles

Mike & Carson fishing

More fishing

Grandpa Gibbs fishing

Mike's Grandpa

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Reason for Not Blogging Much this Summer

I have heard a lot of comments on my lack of dedication to my blog page. Let me assure you that it was a temporary thing and now I am hoping to be able to blog on a more regular basis, instead of once every 5 or 6 weeks. In my defense, I am posting these pictures as proof that we have been very busy lately with our yard. We have done all the work, and we are so pleased with the way it is turning out. We have been raking rocks, digging trenches, burying pipe, laying sod, laying brick borders, and planting things! These first two pictures were taken on the day we signed for the house.

And here are the pictures of our new yard!

As you can see, we still have a lot more to do, but maybe we'll call it good for this summer...I'm getting tired of raking rocks. :)

They're Getting So Big!

Playing at Carson's table

Carson changing Natalie's diaper

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Kids in Wyoming

Since there aren't many pictures of Natalie in the slideshow, I decided to add a few here. She is absolutely adorable, and we love having her around!

As you can see in the slideshow below, Carson had a great time with his Wyoming cousins! He saw me loading these pictures onto the computer, and he said, "My Friends!" It was really cute. I have the best kids!

Playing in Grandma's Park

RC Monster Trucks

A year ago my dad got involved in these RC monster trucks, and we've all subsequently been hooked on this fun hobby. These trucks might be a little temperamental, but the guys say that's half the fun. Me, I just like to drive them. They have lots of power, and they can go 35mph! As of today, we have 6 trucks in the family, and they are the most fun when you get a bunch going at the same time. We held the first Lorimer RC Monster Truck Rally at my parents' house when we were there to see Dean a week or two ago.

The guys built an obstacle course, and Shane made a jump. We also did drag racing.

It was a blast! We should have had five trucks running at the time. Of course, one was broken. And by the end of our truck rally, three others needed a little TLC. Since my dad's was the only one still running at the end, I guess technically he won. But by the end of the day all the trucks were running again. It was a blast, and we are hoping to do it again sometime soon!

Even when we're back at home, Mike and I love to take our trucks out together. These trucks are awesome!