Monday, June 30, 2008

Ist Annual RC Truck Rally

He's Home

Well, it's hard to believe but two years are up, and Dean is back home. I know my parents are happy to have him around again, and so are we! We went to visit everybody and see him over a week ago now, and it's almost like he was never gone. We love you Dean!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our First Fishing Trip

Talk about an exciting fishing trip! We only caught one small fish, and that was actually Mike that caught it. However, Carson helped reel it in. Then he insisted that Mike put the fish on his own little fishing pole for pictures. It was really funny. So here's the fish that Carson "caught."

Look Alikes-Need I Say More?

Always Together

Carson sharing his bed with Natalie

Carson and Natalie trying out his new sleeping bag

Natalie and Carson "helping" Mom with laundry

Hard at Work

This is Mike and Carson digging the ditches for our new sprinkler system. Carson has such a fascination with any object that has wheels and a motor, and he just loves tractors. It was a fun day for him, and a fun day for me when it was all finally finished!