Friday, October 26, 2012

Swim Lessons 2012

Carson and Natalie both took swim lessons over the summer.  Both did really well.  Both seemed to improve a lot, and we are so proud of them both!

Parker's 2nd Birthday

My baby is two!  Hard to believe.  Here he is opening his gifts.

 Playing with his new wall race track

 The kids and I went to the Splash Park in Rexburg for Parker's birthday.  We had a blast!

Here's Parker's cake:

Singing to him:
 Blowing out the candles:
 Happy birthday big guy!

Grandpa G's 60th Birthday Party

In July, Grandpa G turned 60!  We celebrated by having a party for him in Vernal.  Here he is decked out in his new stuff:
And of course it was also Kim, Ben, and Parker's birthdays as well.  So here are the other birthday kids, starting with Kim:
 Here's Natalie at the party:
 Carson with his cousin Jack:
Here's me pushing Parker and Natalie on a teeter totter.
 Here's the original 7 in the Dan Gibbs' family:  Phil, John, Jason, Mike, Becky, Loyce, and Dan.
 Here's Grandpa and Grandma with their grandkids:
 And here's the whole Gibbs Gang:
We had the party at Mike's Great Aunt Anne's house. 
 Here's Dan with his brother Doug, sister Shelly, and cousin .