Friday, October 26, 2012

Grandpa G's 60th Birthday Party

In July, Grandpa G turned 60!  We celebrated by having a party for him in Vernal.  Here he is decked out in his new stuff:
And of course it was also Kim, Ben, and Parker's birthdays as well.  So here are the other birthday kids, starting with Kim:
 Here's Natalie at the party:
 Carson with his cousin Jack:
Here's me pushing Parker and Natalie on a teeter totter.
 Here's the original 7 in the Dan Gibbs' family:  Phil, John, Jason, Mike, Becky, Loyce, and Dan.
 Here's Grandpa and Grandma with their grandkids:
 And here's the whole Gibbs Gang:
We had the party at Mike's Great Aunt Anne's house. 
 Here's Dan with his brother Doug, sister Shelly, and cousin .

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