Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Day of School!

It happened! My first little baby has grown up enough that he thinks he's old enough for school. So he started kindergarten in the fall, and he loves it! He even loves riding the bus! He is learning so fast, I am amazed at how quickly he is growing.

Carson on his first day of school.


My three babies!

Taylor, Carson, and Lilli

Waiting for school to start.

Lilli, Caden, Carson, and Taylor

First day riding the bus

Fall 2011 Fun

Here are some pictures of the produce from our garden. We got some huge zucchinis this year, and Carson got a few watermelons and Natalie got a couple cantaloupes, among other things.

Here are the kids holding our very first egg from the chickens!

Here's Parker dressed in Dean's old suit. Remind you of anybody?

Mike made the kids a catapult, which was a hit with all the neighbor kids as well! So much fun, even Parker loved it!

Yellowstone, August 2011

We took a family vacation to Yellowstone before school started. We spent a few days camping, touring, and just having fun. Here are some of the pics from our vacation.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Parker's First Birthday

In July, Parker turned 1. Here's a picture of him opening his birthday present.
Natalie decided to help.

Parker climbing on his new four wheeler.

He loves that thing!

Here's Parker's birthday cake. It's a carousel.

I used colorflow to make the horses.

And we did a little cake for Parker to eat.

Singing to Parker.

Making a mess with his cake.

Happy Birthday Parker!