Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lorimer Reunion 2011

Here are pictures from our Lorimer reunion in Wyoming. We had Rachel's girls over to visit us the week before, so they rode with us to Casper on Thursday, June 30th. On Friday morning, we drove to the Sixth Crossing Pioneer site. On our way, we stopped at Pathfinder Dam, which has more water this year than has ever been recorded, I think.
Grandma L, Carson, Lylli, Natalie, Parker, and Michelle in front of Pathfinder Dam

Here we are pulling handcarts near the Sixth Crossing. My mom made all the pioneer outfits. In front pulling are Seryn, Grandma, Lylli, and Layla. Leah and Dean are in the back.

Here are my boys riding. We strapped Parker's backpack to the cart so we wouldn't have to carry him.

And here's Natalie riding with the boys also, with Mike pulling them.

Crossing a shallow part of the Sweet Water River

Mike and I crossed the deep part, which was up passed my armpits, but I didn't get pictures of that. It was crazy fun though. Here's Mike and Carson walking back to camp after the river crossing.

Lylli pulling Natalie and Carson

Michelle and Parker, putting on bug spray, no doubt. I've never seen mosquitoes that thick!

Natalie, Lylli, and Carson inside an old school house at the Sixth Crossing.

Natalie and Carson

Mike, Natalie, Carson, Parker, and Michelle

All the girls. Michelle, Leah, and Rachel in back. Lylli, Layla, Seryn, Natalie, and Grandma in front.

The boys. Dean, Shane, Grandpa, Parker, Carson, and Mike

Here is a place where you can still see the actual ruts left by the pioneer wagons and handcarts.

On our drive home Sunday night, we saw a grizzly bear about 30 feet from the road on Togwotee Pass, between DuBois and Jackson.

About 15 minutes later, on the opposite side of the mountain, about the same elevation, we saw another grizzly, this time with a cub, and they were about 300 yards away.

And of course, there's always a beautiful view of the Grand Tetons.

We had a wonderful time, and we can't wait for the next one in a few years! Thanks for putting it together, Grandpa and Grandma!

July 4th

Here are the kids cleaning the car on the 4th of July, after our trip to Wyoming. This is one of their favorite jobs.

We went to the river to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, and they were absolutely AMAZING! I've never seen it's equal, and Mike agrees with me on that one. We also enjoyed a few fireworks at our own home, which the kids really enjoyed. Our neighbors came to watch with us.

Princess Dance Workshop

Since I'm about 7 months behind on my blogging, I guess I'll start with current pics and try to catch up on the earlier ones later. Natalie went to a Princess Dance Workshop today. She's been excited to go for a couple of months now. She was up bright and early and wanting to get her hair, makeup, nails, etc. done for her party.
Here she is all ready to go an hour early:

With her friends Taylor and Sierra at the party:

Doing the splits:

Doing some floor rolls:

On tip toes at the bar:

Learning to do a princess pirouette:

And here she is looking so pretty:

Such a fun day, and she was very tired when we got home!