Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Eve. Mike got home from work a couple of hours early, so we all went sledding in the backyard. Then we got dressed in "authentic" clothing worn when Jesus was born. We had our "Back to Bethlehem" dinner, followed by our very own skit of the Christmas story and sang Christmas songs. We had a great time! Of course when I uploaded my pictures, I did them backwards, so here they are in reverse order. More pictures of Christmas Day and our trip to Bear Lake coming soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I just had to post these, because they're so cute!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, life is extra crazy right now, but we're hanging in there. My children's choir has their Christmas Concert tonight. Then I have group lessons for my students tomorrow and a recital next Wednesday night. Our ward choir is singing at a stake thing on Sunday night, and then we're doing a bunch of songs in church on the 21st. Mike's company party was two nights ago, and it was lots of fun. To top off our busy schedule, we all have colds! The kind that lasts for weeks. I am hoping that we are almost done with our turn being sick, but at least we all get to do it at the same time and be done! Anyway, my mom and dad took all the Thanksgiving pictures, so I don't have any to post right now. But here are some other pictures from the last couple of weeks.
We went out and cut down our very first real Christmas Tree last weekend. It was lots of fun. There was no snow, but I think that actually made it easier. We found our perfect tree, and after Mike cut it down he had to take a couple of feet off before we took it home. Then we took it inside, and it was still huge! Too big to fit where we wanted it, because of course the ceiling is lower there. So Mike had to take a lot more off. So here is Mike before the tree fit in the house.

Here are some pictures of us with the tree.

We took Roscoe, so here he is in the back of the truck with the tree.

Here's Mike carrying the tree back to the truck. What a buff guy!

Mike cutting down the tree.

This is the branch where Carson put all of the ornaments. At one point he had so many on this branch that it just about touched the ground.

Our first real Christmas tree.

Here is a random picture of Natalie, trying to carry a ball in her mouth.

Mike on his birthday.

He asked for a German Chocolate Cake, but Carson really thought it should be decorated, so we added the words, and Carson said it needed a "sink" and so here is my pitiful attempt at drawing a kitchen sink on a cake with frosting.

Happy Holidays! Everyone have a great Christmas.