Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks Giving

We went to Colorado for Thanksgiving this year and had a great time! I didn't get a lot of pictures (I never seem to) but here are a few. This first one is of Becky and Natalie holding one of the twins, Kim.
Natalie and Carson shopping for the Food Bank. This was Grandpa and Grandma G's idea. They had the kids each pick out a few of their favorite food items that Grandpa bought and then we took them to the local food bank. It was a great experience for everyone. I know my kids had the best time. What a great idea! They loved it! A great way to give to others and teach the kids the importance of giving.

We had a great time! Thanks to Dan and Loyce for a great and relaxing weekend together.


Family of Five said...

Looks like you had a fun time! Sorry the boys and I missed you!

Becky said...

My baby is on a blog page!! ha, ha!

Family of Five said...

Okay just noticed Natalie's hair with the white ribbon! So love that. Totally going to try to copy!