Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Natalie just turned two, and the day after was my birthday! It was a birthday weekend for us, and we had a great time. Here's Natalie in her new princess outfit from Grandma G.
Natalie's present from Carson. He helped her open all her gifts.
Dresses from Grandma L. She loved them, and gave them a big hug!

Kitchen stuff from Mom and Dad.

Natalie's breakfast request: pink waffles with pink ice cream!

All Natalie wanted for her birthday was hot dogs and a Christmas tree. So we let her have hot dogs for dinner, and we made her a Christmas tree cake. So easy, and the kids loved putting on the "decorations."
Happy Birthday Natalie!
And here are a couple of pictures from my birthday. I got to pick breakfast and dinner (of course, I always do that), and Mike fixed them for me. No birthday cake, because we still had a ton from the day before, and we were leaving for Colorado in three days. Still, it was a good day.

What a fun weekend! This week, it's Mike's turn!


Family of Five said...

Love Mom and Daughters hair! Natalie looks so cute with the layers! Love the pink waffles w/ ice cream!--hee hee Way cute Christmas tree cake! What a fun weekend!

Rachel Rager said...

What fun you guys have been having!!! I'll have to show all the pictures to the girls. We sure miss you guys! Hopefully we'll intersect you after Christmas!!
PS - I have the cutest neice and nephew EVER!!!!