Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Goes with a Calculator?

We had a lot of Halloween fun last week. Some friends had a family costume party, so Mike and I even came up with costumes this year. At the party, we realized that a lot of couples had matching costumes, which never even occurred to us. I suppose next year we ought to try that. Of course, Mike mentioned being a calculator, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to coordinate with that? A friend of mine suggested being a nerd, but we'll see.

Carson found his costume and loved it, even though he's never seen the Transformer movies or anything. Somehow he knows they are awesome, and he loves them. He was cute, talking in his best "Bumblebee" voice. Natalie was a witch, and she was very good at cackling like one. I had her hair in little braids for Thursday and Friday festivities, and on Saturday, we took them out for a frizzy fro (no pictures, sorry).
Natalie as a witch and Carson as the Autobot Bumblebee.
Here's our little family before a Halloween party on Thursday night. We had a party on Thursday, trick-or-treating at Mike's work on Friday, and trunk-or-treating at the church on Saturday. The kids loved spreading it out like that. On Saturday, Carson told us, "Today is the last day of Halloween!"
Mike, as a crazy Indian.
Me, as Little Red Riding Hood.
Mike and Carson cleaning out pumpkins. Unfortunately, we didn't take pictures of the finished ones, but they were fun to do with the kids!
Carson cleaning out his pumpkin.
Natalie cleaning out the insides of her pumpkin.
Carson now thinks this is a tradition, pretending to eat pumpkin goop for a picture.
Here's what I found Natalie doing the other day; talking on a shoe "phone."


Jason and Amanda said...

Very cute costumes! Sounds like a busy weekend!

Family of Five said...

Love the costumes! Excited for your new pet! Cute pictures!

Amy said...

Cute ideas for costumes. Nate only dresses up if there are monetary or equivalent prizes involved! I'm glad you had a good Halloween week. I was saying to my friend that Halloween just isn't on Halloween anymore, it's the whole week leading up to it!

Dean Lorimer said...

Cute pictures, Michelle! Looks like we had fun on Halloween. Oh, did you guys give Rosco away? And I think it's a little generous to say that YOU had a parakeet. If I remember correctly, I inherited the parakeet for more than half its life one YOU stopped feeding it. ;)

Becky said...

Well, Mike, even if we aren't part Indian, you looked good dressed up as one :)