Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too Skinny?

Carson has always been a skinny kid. A few weeks ago, he got pretty sick, and he hardly ate anything for about 10 days. He lost weight, I could tell, because every pair of pants he had would fall off. One day I let him pick out what Natalie was going to wear, and he chose this cute jean skirt with pink tassles from Jadi. But instead of letting Natalie wear it, Carson decided to put it on. The crazy thing was this: It fit him around the waist! My two year old son is only slightly bigger around the waist than my 5 month old daughter! He's been eating much better the last week or two, so hopefully he will put weight back on quickly so he can't wear any more of her clothes.

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Linds said...

That is sooo funny, to see Carson in her sister's skirt. (He wasn't picking it out for sister but himself uh?)But sad that he was sick. I hate that feeling of sick kids and not really being able to fix it.