Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brotherly Love

When Natalie was born, Carson was so soft and careful with her, and he just loved her so much. I wondered if it would last. Half of it did. He still adores her and loves to be with her and share, but he is no longer soft. One minute he'll be cooing at her, and the next he's jumping on her or pulling her hair. The crazy thing about it is that she still loves him! No matter how rough he is with her, she still gives him the biggest smiles, and nobody can make her laugh the way he does. He'll play Ring Around the Rosies by himself, running around in circles in front of her, and she'll laugh and laugh. Mike and I sure can't get he to laugh that hard. He loves to play with her, and he always shares his

favorite toys with her.


Linds said...

oh I love that, how fun!

Rachel said...

Layla said, "Mom, Carson is being silly to his Natalie," meaning his sister Natalie. Everyone belongs to someone else at our house. "He's such a silly goose," she then told me. Lylli and Layla always love to see pictures of their cousins. And I love how much hair Natalie has! Amazing! It is so much fun to dress girls up. Although, the pic of Carson wearing Natalie's dress reminds me of a certain brother doing similar things. And in that picture, he kind of looks like a skinny Layla. I hope things are going well for you. Keep in touch.

Trish said...

These are some cute posts. I agree girls are fun. :o) I bet you've already found the pants that have the adjustable elastic for Carson. If you haven't, they are great. I don't know what we'd do without them for Abby--tall and skinny. She'd either have pants that were falling down all the time or look like she's wearing capri's year round. :o)

Jadi said...

What cute pictures! I also agree with you that it is fun having a girl! I love having both but I enjoy dressing Kaylee up and it is more fun to buy and play with girl toys. :)
Will you please call me again? I wrote your number down on a sticky pad on my fridge. Then a grocery list got added to it and I accidently threw the paper away after I went grocery shopping. I really would love to talk to you!