Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carson's Baby

Before Natalie was born, we got Carson his own baby. Though he liked it okay at the time, it has turned out to be a great toy now that Mommy has a baby. He says his baby is a girl and her name is Natalie, too. She wears Natalie's clothes and diapers that are too small for her now. And whatever Mommy's Natalie is doing, Carson's Natalie has to do the same thing! It is just so cute to see him take care of his baby!


Linds said...

awh that is soo cute, I wish Cloe would take on a baby of her own so she's not always toppling her sister over. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute!!! Carson is going to outgrow Natalie if he doesn't hurry up and grow!!!

-stephanie whitlock