Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cars, Visitors, and BEDROOM!

John and Mel came to visit last weekend with Abbey and Jack, and the kids had a good time playing together. Unfortunately, we didn't think to take any pictures! Then, Grandma L and Dean came to visit during the week, and of course I only thought to take pictures on the last morning, but I'll post a couple.
Natalie and Uncle Dean
Carson and Grandma L
Dean with the kids

Here are the pictures of our room all done! I still have a few more pictures to hang, and Mike is still going to make some bookshelves, but otherwise, we're done. It turned out great, and we love it.
Our new bedroom moulding up close
At a distance

Saturday, we drove 50 miles to a nearby car show, and it was a hit! They did single racing outside, which we watched for a while, and then we went in and saw all the cars. Carson took his own camera (a hand-me-down from Grandpa and Grandma) and had a great time taking pictures of all his favorite cars. And a nice older gentleman let Carson and Natalie sit inside an old roadster, and they loved that. It was a fun and WARM weekend for us.
This is a custom 2007 Expedition. It was pretty cool!
Mike's favorite, a Mustang
Michelle and kids by a Vet, which are always my favorite
Mike by another Mustang, 2009, 427 Cobra
Carson and Natalie inside a hot-rod roadster


Dean Lorimer said...

Looks life a good time! I've never gotten to sit in a Roadster. I guess I haven't lived yet!

Jason and Amanda said...

Cute! Looks like fun. I can't believe how big Natalie and Carson are getting!

Rachel said...

How fun!! We always enjoy going to car shows! The last one we went to, Lylli was about Natalie's age! It looks like you guys have been staying very busy!

Krith said...

I'm so happy I found your blog! Your kids are darn cute!
Kristin Wilkes

. said...

derek would've loved to go to a car show- where was it? oh, his dad has 5 corvettes now! he is a wild guy. i forgot to save your number, can you either call me again or comment on my blog with your number? we should hang out sometime. your bedroom looks sooo good. we want to re do ours this summer maybe...hopefully.