Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go Probiotics!

After 2 weeks gluten free, Mike was feeling better, but not great. So his sister suggested probiotics to help his small intestines heal. He's been taking them for three days, and he says he feels great! So we're really excited that he's feeling well.

Here's Natalie reading in a corner.
Carson asked me if he could take a snowball inside and watch it melt. So we did a little science experiment. This is an 8oz snowball, which took about 4.25 hours to completely melt at 68 degrees F.
Of course, here it is melted. Carson was pretty excited about that.
This is our family snowman. Mike was the one rolling the snowballs, so of course they were huge. We had to knock off a lot of snow before we could stack them, and even then we had to use a board for a ramp and roll the snowballs up the ramp to get them on the snowman!
Natalie in the snow!
Mike, Natalie, and Carson with our very tall snowman.
Michelle, Natalie, and Carson with the snowman. Notice the ramp leaning against the house in the background.
And lastly, here are my adorable kids, sitting in the washing machine!


Lisa Burbidge said...

I just love it!! My kids so want me to play outside, but I have yet to brave the cold and do it. This gives me inspiration!

Amy said...

Those are great pictures. Your snowman is awesome. I'll have to show Abby. We didn't get enough snow to make one. And one readin and the other one doing science experiments... you may have little geniuses on your hands.

Dean Lorimer said... this how we bathe the children now? In the washing machine? How barbaric! Looks like y'all had fun in the snow!

Dean Lorimer said...

So, in case you didn't get my e-mail, Veronica Wyatt found me on Facebook and asked if we were related. She asked for your married name so she could look you up on Facebook. She was pretty appalled that you were not on Facebook yet. Let's get a move on here. I mean, half the family is on (like, the extended family).