Friday, January 2, 2009

Bear Lake

We had a good time at Bear Lake with Mike's family after Christmas. They rented a large house there, and we filled it with 13 adults and 9 children. We went snowmobiling, skiing, sledding, and we even threw an early surprise birthday party for Mike's grandpa who turned 92 (or was it 93?). Several of Mike's cousins came from close by to party with us, so the house was really full on Sunday afternoon. Thanks again for doing this for us, Loyce! We had so much fun!

Carson sledding

Carson, Andrea, and Abbey sledding
Carson and Mike snowmobiling Mike and a beautiful view of the lake
Michelle and that same gorgeous view
This is the Paris Tabernacle, that we passed on our way to and from the Lake. It was a neat structure, and since my husband is into that kind of thing (go figure), we stopped for a picture.


Amy said...

Sounds like fun... very cold, but fun!

Jadi said...

I love Bear Lake. One year my parents rented a condo up there during the winter. It was so much fun! I have also been in that Tabernacle. It is a cool building. I am glad you had fun.

Linds said...

Christmas and Bear lake both looked like a lot of fun! You guys are so cute!