Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RC Monster Trucks

A year ago my dad got involved in these RC monster trucks, and we've all subsequently been hooked on this fun hobby. These trucks might be a little temperamental, but the guys say that's half the fun. Me, I just like to drive them. They have lots of power, and they can go 35mph! As of today, we have 6 trucks in the family, and they are the most fun when you get a bunch going at the same time. We held the first Lorimer RC Monster Truck Rally at my parents' house when we were there to see Dean a week or two ago.

The guys built an obstacle course, and Shane made a jump. We also did drag racing.

It was a blast! We should have had five trucks running at the time. Of course, one was broken. And by the end of our truck rally, three others needed a little TLC. Since my dad's was the only one still running at the end, I guess technically he won. But by the end of the day all the trucks were running again. It was a blast, and we are hoping to do it again sometime soon!

Even when we're back at home, Mike and I love to take our trucks out together. These trucks are awesome!

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