Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hair, Tree, and Sledding

The day Mike flew home from Canada for the last time, we picked him up at the airport and then went to cut down a Christmas tree. We decided to try a new area this year, and it was a huge success! We hadn't walked far from our SUV when we found our perfect little tree! It's the best tree we've ever picked, I think, and we had it back to the vehicle in minutes! So, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon sledding in the mountains. It was a great afternoon, made better by the fact that Mike was home from Canada, and we'd missed him so much!
Here's a picture of our tree all decorated:
Here's Mike and the kids dragging the tree back to the SUV:
Natalie sledding:
And here's Natalie's hair, my new way to fix it, because it's so cute and super easy:
This is Carson's attempt to fix her hair. A slightly different finished look, but it definitely has character, don't you think?


Linds said...

Cute hairdos both very cute!

Rachel Rager said...

Super cute! And so much fun!!!