Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday Princess

Natalie turned 3 in November. She was so excited about it. She had her first friends' birthday party, which was new for me. A bunch of 3 year olds dressed up like princesses. But it was fun! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures. But here are some from her birthday.
At our house, the birthday person chooses breakfast and dinner. For breakfast, Natalie chose Lucky Charms, which I thought was so silly that I had to get a pic.
Here she is opening her gifts.

She got Tinkerbell roller skates, and here she is trying them out.

All dressed for church on her birthday.
Here's a side shot of her hair.
And here's the cake. She wanted a castle and a mermaid, so here's what Mike and I came up with.

We were snowed in to Idaho for Thanksgiving. It was relaxing and fun, though we missed seeing my family. Here's a picture of our little feast.


Jason and Amanda said...

Cute pictures! Natalie looks so pretty in her new dress!

Family of Five said...

Jason says Natalie looks just like Mike did at that age, only cuter! And we're both wondering when Carson's hair went so dark? (Jason says also like Mike...)