Monday, April 5, 2010

Dad Time

The kids got to spend a little time with Mike this weekend, mostly on Sunday. He's been studying a ton for the PE coming up in less than two weeks, but since he doesn't study on Sundays, we got to do some fun family stuff. Mike took an hour off of studying on Friday night to decorate Easter eggs, and the kids had a pillow fight with him when the eggs were done.

Easter was also fun, since we had Daddy all day! The Easter bunny hid the kids' baskets as usual, and left a huge mess of candy on the floor. The kids found their baskets and then got to pick up all the candy. We had to do an Easter egg hunt in the house, because of the extreme cold, snow, and WIND we had here. Miserable outside! Normally we do the Easter bunny stuff on Saturday, and the more spiritual aspects of Easter on Sunday, but this year we had to do it all on Sunday, to accommodate Mike's insane study schedule. Luckily it was Conference weekend, so that ended up working out okay.

Here are the kids in the Easter outfits from us.

This is the first picture I've gotten with both kids looking (and smiling) at the camera in the longest time! Of course, they both have that silly smile, but beggars can't be choosers, right?
We are leaving for AZ next week for Mike's test, so just over a week more of intense studying and praying. Hopefully everything goes well, and we'll have our very own Professional Engineer Daddy soon!


Dean Lorimer said...

I'm sure Mike will do great. He's smart and prepared. Looks like fun, though. Leah and I are excited to start Easter with our kids (if we ever decide it's safe to have offspring, hahaha).

Family of Five said...

Good Luck Mike! Michelle you are looking so great! Can't believe our little nephew and niece look so grown up! Fun Pictures!

The High Family- said...

I bet he will do awesome!! Good luck. Cute outfits for the kiddos.

Linds said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter, I love that you got them both smiling at the camera I had to laugh because I was having such a hard time getting a good picture too.

Amy said...

Looks like you made it a great Easter for the kids. Boy do I understand insane studying! At least it is for one test and not three years of them ;) Good luck Mike!