Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chili Snow

We took all the red peppers from our garden before the first hard frost and Carson helped me sew them onto a string which we hung in the kitchen to dry. He was surprising good at it, and he didn't poke either of us with the needle! Now that they're dried, I can throw them in my food processor for garden-grown crushed red pepper!
Here are the kids playing outside in the first snow of the season. Not much, but Carson was so excited about it that he had to go out as soon as he ate breakfast. It was 8am, and very cold, so they only lasted about 10 minutes out there, but they had a great time. Carson's favorite was the slide, which was fast since it was wet with snow.


Jason and Amanda said...

Looks like fun. You got more snow than we did.

Rachel Rager said...

That looks like fun! I wish we had a yard for the kids to play in this winter. :( But on the up side, it's still been in the 60's this week here!

Bev said...

Cute pics of cute kids!