Monday, August 3, 2009

Swimming Pro

This summer we signed Carson up for swimming lessons. He had a great time there and was so sad when it was over. He learned things like kicking, paddling, jumping in alone, etc. I think he might have had a little crush on his teacher, who was an awesome teacher. I had so much fun watching him!

(Carson is the one with the brown swimsuit with stripes.)

(In this one he's the one jumping.)

(Carson is at the top, to the teacher's right.)

(Carson is holding on the to handrail.)


charlesfam said...

Way to go Carson! Swimming is great on hot days, isn't it.

Dean Lorimer said...

I think swimming runs in the family. I miss you guys lots!

Rachel Rager said...

I love to watch swimming lessons! And Natalie's hair is adorable! It looks like you guys have been having fun!