Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Pictures!

While we were visiting Mike's family, we got our family pictures taken. It was a Christmas present from Mike's parents, and it was so much fun! We love the way the pictures turned out! Thanks for such a great gift! Here are some of my favorites.

Our Family:
Natalie and Carson:

Mike and Michelle:
Carson and Mom:
Natalie and Mom:
Natalie and Dad:
Carson and Dad:
Dad and the kids:
Mom and the kids:



Dean Lorimer said...

What a cute family! I'll claim them.

Jamie said...

Cute pictures!

Family of Five said...

What fun pictures! You guys look great!

Linds said...

What a fun weekend! Those pictures are great too!

I really need to get ours done.

Jason and Amanda said...

Love the pics. You guys are so cute!

Maria said...

Those pics are great! I didn't know your eyes were blue . . . they are gorgeous!!

Rachel said...

Great pictures! You guys look great! And the museum looks fun too!

Becky said...

Those pictures are GREAT! What a good lookin' family!