Monday, February 23, 2009

Cookies and Rings

The other night I noticed that my ring was broken on the back where the two are soldered together. I took it to a local ring shop and asked to get it fixed. The guy tried to tell me I also needed to get it refurbished, but that was an additional $30 on top of the $20 I was already paying to get it fixed. He promised it would look like it did when Mike gave it to me, but I decided that I couldn't fork over $50 at once. I asked to only have it fixed, planning to get it refurbished some other time. Well, the goldsmith must have taken one look at my sad-looking ring and decided to refurbish it anyway, because when I picked it up the next day, this is what I got! It looks bran new! How wonderful, and I didn't even end up having to pay for it. What a wonderful surprise. So my advise for the day: get your ring refurbished. It's amazing how it sparkles when it's clean and dent-free. Thanks again, Mike, for the perfect ring! I love you!
Of course, my camera doesn't do it justice.
For Valentine's Day we skyped Grandma and Grandpa L and joined their cookie bake via the Internet. It was fun, though as Grandma says, not quite the same as being there. But our GF cookies turned out amazing! I modified our favorite sugar cookie recipe, and it worked! They were perhaps a tiny bit more crumbly than usual, but I think I'll add more zanthan gum next time to fix that. They tasted great! Soooooooooo yummy! And the kids had a great time doing them. As you can see, Natalie mostly ate the frosting!


Dean Lorimer said...

Looks like fun. I miss doing the family cookie bakes. I'm sure someday they will be fun to do with my own kids.

Rachel said...

I'm glad you guys had fun too! Layla keeps asking about seeing new pictures of Carson. So she'll enjoy getting to see these. Thanks!

Jason and Amanda said...

Looks like fun! Your ring looks great. I need to get mine fixed too but I didn't want to fork over $50 either. LOL. I should though becuase I don't even wear it because I am afraid I will lose a diamond.

Linds said...

Your ring does look great! Cookies look so fun, my girls love the frosting too! :)