Sunday, November 23, 2008


Natalie and I each had our birthdays last week. She's one now, and I'm a little older...but who's counting? Here are some pictures (mostly from Natalie's birthday, since that's the fun one anyway).
Carson and Natalie

Opening Presents

Eating Cake

My kids don't make messes on their birthdays! It makes for boring pictures.

Natalie's cake (I didn't have one-dieting) was a doll cake-or a princess cake according to Carson. She loves the barbie, and it was hard to keep her from taking it out of the cake before we sang.

Baby stroller from Grandma L, and boy does she LOVE to push it around!

Playing with presents

Carson got her a pony, which she loves.

Natalie in her new birthday shirt-she has a dress too, that she wore today, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

Natalie's cake


Linds said...

HOw fun! Her first Birthday! I love the cake I had a cake like that growing up! She is too cute I love the pony tails and her new outfit! You'll have to post the dress when you get a pic!

Jason and Amanda said...

Happy Birthdays!
I can't believe Natalie is 1 year already. She is so cute. You look great too.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe she is one already! You look fantastic! I hope I can see you this summer!

Rachel said...

The cake turned out great!!! The girls will love it! We'll see you in a couple days.