Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Boating Pictures

Here's Mike slalom skiing. He got up his first try, even though he's only done it once since high school. It was fun to watch him, and he made everything look so easy!
Mike showing off. He kept letting go with one hand and leaning over to touch the water with his free hand.

Our little family in Grandpa and Grandma's boat (The kids didn't like wearing life jackets.)

Mike and the kids by the shore. It's the only time Carson would get into the tube.

Dan on the tube. Mike was driving, so it was a wild ride for Dan.

I tried to kneeboard, but I never got on. We think maybe we were going too fast.

Mike on the kneeboard-he made it look so easy!

Mike spinning around on the kneeboard

Catching my first fish ever-though I can't honestly take credit for this fish either.

Carson and his fish
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for sharing their boat. We had a blast!


Jason and Amanda said...

Good job Mike on the slolum skiing. I tried that once It didn't work out so well. Haven't you caught a fish before Michelle? Remember catfishing? It looks like you had tons of fun!

Quilter 007 (Katrina) said...

Looks like fun! Hey -- can you add a request section to the recipes? For example, I'd like Rachel's Mock Enchilada recipe and a good bread recipe that uses funky flour. Funky is defined as anything other than white!

Rachel said...

I can never get up on anything in the water either. I have tried extra slow, fast, and in between. I just think there are other forces at work and I stick to tubing! It looks like you had a great time! (Oh, and the black suit with the black skirt makes you look really good! Nice work!)

Linds said...

Cute pics, I love a good time at the lake especially with the family!

Nick, Leslie and Gabriel said...

Michelle! I am totally blog stalking today and found your blog through Rachel's. It is sooo good to see you and your cute family! Check out my blog! oh wait its private so send me your email and i will send you an invite.
too good to see ya!

leslie (cloward)